Upcoming Ecuador Workshop

Recently at the end of 2014, CCBA hosted a Training of Trainers for accreditation purposes with IAFN for 12 biologists, forestry technicians, and community leaders from Meso-America and Caribe.  With a donation from BothEnds.org of Netherlands this is the second of the three ToT’s in three continents.  The first being in Sri Lanka for national and African AF trainers and the third ToT will be in mid-March in Pambiliño, Ecuador.  

  • 189 people were trained in events directly sponsored by IAFN, with 15 trainings held in 10 countries
  • we also held our first two “training of trainers” courses and have added 21 newly accredited trainers to the Network. 

A compilation of methodologies and designs of analog forestry were and will be presented and discussed in a broad range of eco-systems in order to standardize agendas of workshops, curriculum's, written manuals, and methodologies by accredited AF trainers in 4 continents.