A organic SPICE AND Essential oils shop

Since 1992, our Costa Rican family has had the retail store, La Botánica, in Quepos, Costa Rica, selling  spices, medicinal herbs, and essential oils. We now offer these same products in our spice store on our farm 14 kilometers located from Quepos.

Using ancient time-tested techniques of harvesting and drying lowland spices such as: cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, cardamom, ginger, and many more; we now steam distill these same spices and herbs into essential oils for aromatherapy.  

These organic products have been hand-grown using the criteria of Forest Garden Products (FGP) International Certification Standards and worked by the family-run training centre: Centro de Capacitación Bosques Análogos in Londres de Quepos.  The essence of these designed analog forests is the restoration of biodiversity and photosynthetic biomass produced; along with the products we sell in La Botánica spice store.