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Forest landscapes mitigate the effects of climate change and provide the environmental services essential for life, along with providing livelihoods for the people and communities that protected them. Every nation, farmer, community, and civil based organization has a role to play. The challenge is to give them the capacity to implement designed analog forests on degraded lands and create forest management examples that can simultaneously address environmental, economic, and community needs. Our Bosques Analogos does just that by utilizing and teaching the methodology of Analog Forestry.


Bosques Analogos

Is a non-profit Community Based Organization, accredited by the International Analog Forestry Network (IAFN) and serves as the training center for Latin America for IAFN. In our Capacity building workshops we teach the Analog Forestry (AF) methodology along with researching ecological restoration and organic practices. At the same time, we actively promote AF throughout Latin America and the Caribbean through workshops in collaboration with International Analog Forestry Network; which has two other accredited training center hubs in Cameroon and Sri Lanka.


Our Goal

Improve the internal capacity with a well thought out plan to expand this proven management approach by training people who will return to their home communities and countries to train others to extend the methodology of Analog Forestry (AF).


What We Have Achieved

Over the last 8 years our capacity building program has completed a course of more than 23 workshops events. 
Demonstration sites of Analog Designed Forests have produced documented results on restoration and biodiversity, forest garden products, social impact and community outreach. 
We have influenced hundreds of professionals, technicians and farmers involved in restoration to implemented these methods as their own bio-regions.
Bringing community organizations together, locally and internationally through Analog Forestry. 




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